Confronting Confrontation

Finding a Diamond in the Rough Conversations

A comprehensive, 4-day mini course that explores what these uncomfortable situations mean, why they feel so darned horrible, and how we can flip the script to truly glean value from difficult conversations.

I'm ready to mine value out of my conversations!

Do you dread difficult conversations?


Maybe the idea of conflict just isn’t worth the drama.

Maybe you’re not sure of what to say or how to say it. 

Maybe it’s easier to keep your mouth shut…

Or maybe you’re sure you’ll lose more than you’ll gain by standing up for yourself.


As women, conflict can be tricky—especially when emotions run high.

But confrontation doesn’t always have to equal conflict. 

In fact, real, authentic confrontations are the only road to real, authentic solutions. 


By mining the gems out of rough conversations. 

I’ve talked so much in my coaching programs about preparing for, navigating, and facilitating healthy, constructive conversations, I’ve decided to make the whole thing an online, do-it-yourself course!

Confronting Confrontation: Finding a Diamond in the Rough Conversations


For only one payment of just $27, you’ll get lifetime access to…

  • The full, 4-day course that breaks down the conflict/resolution cycle, step by step

  • Every lesson video PLUS lesson transcripts 

  • All the supplementary materials 

  • Unlimited access so you can use these tools whenever you need them

This course content is available immediately upon enrollment!

I want to take this course!

Whether you’re talking to your boss about being overworked or confronting your teen about his messy room, conflict is everywhere. And—love it or hate it—it’s on the backs of these difficult conversations that we find trust, authenticity, and relationship growth.


Don’t believe me? Ask Hannah K.:


“I had the amazing opportunity to beta test this course, and let me tell you—it made A WORLD of difference. Right after I went through the material, I had to have a tough conversation with someone I love very much. I was afraid I was going to lose everything—my livelihood, my professional momentum, AND a relationship that means the world to me.

I used AliceAnne’s methods, and instead of losing, both sides of the conflict ended up winning more than we could have ever imagined. 

The value I got from this refreshing mindset is worth way more than $27. I FINALLY feel like I can validate my feelings and express myself in a real, authentic way. Being SEEN and HEARD is both healthy and constructive.

If you truly want to build stronger, more valuable relationships, TAKE THIS COURSE.”

So what are you waiting for? You can’t afford to miss the value in your next tough conversation.

I can’t wait to see you there. 🦩

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